Re: Answers to some GitHub questions

From: Alex Efros via supervision <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2021 16:56:29 +0200


Thanks, this was useful reading.

Is there a migration guide from runit to s6?

If not, it might be useful to create one with hints how to rewrite
/etc/runit/{1,3} and runit services in s6-way, what to run instead of
/sbin/runit-init as kernel's init= param, and what to use instead of
`runit-init {0,6}` to halt/reboot. Because, you know, while everything
you've said about runit vs s6 is true, runit is still "just works"… so
without easy-to-follow guide it's hard to find a motivation to move to s6.

			WBR, Alex.
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