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From: Colin Booth <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2021 18:47:49 +0000

On Wed, Jan 06, 2021 at 04:56:29PM +0200, Alex Efros via supervision wrote:
> Hi!
> Thanks, this was useful reading.
> Is there a migration guide from runit to s6?
> If not, it might be useful to create one with hints how to rewrite
> /etc/runit/{1,3} and runit services in s6-way, what to run instead of
> /sbin/runit-init as kernel's init= param, and what to use instead of
> `runit-init {0,6}` to halt/reboot. Because, you know, while everything
> you've said about runit vs s6 is true, runit is still "just works"… so
> without easy-to-follow guide it's hard to find a motivation to move to s6.
> --
> WBR, Alex.
I'm working on one actually. I wrote up a how-to/what I did for Void
Linux here:

and will be writing a part two in the next few weeks (free time and life
have been getting in the way).

Part 1 is a "light touch" conversion, it has some shims to get
everything working right but for the most part it's still pretty
runit-based. Part 2 will be a heavier set of changes and will leverage
s6-rc, some run script generators that I've written, and a few other
things to try and make everything work nicer (better backwards
compatibility with the distro packages, better support for the s6
notification framework, and so on).

My long-term (maybe medium term) goal is to get this into a shape where
it is acceptable in the void package mainline as an alternate base
system, get it in there, and then hand off maintainership to someone who
is more central to Void. Longest term is obvious - adjust the part 2 stuff
so that it's acceptable as the default, but that is a long way off and
this is an iterative process.

Colin Booth
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