RE: Transition to supervision-scripts

From: James Powell <>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2014 04:05:53 +0000

> Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 10:41:05 -0800
> Subject: Transition to supervision-scripts
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> The transition is complete and all framework-specific dependencies are
> being replaced with generic redirects. The runit-scripts repository will
> be deleted January 1st.

Current the runit-for-lfs project has been studying how to get better control of some of the scripts we use also. Our project is still mostly incomplete with several services still unable to function. Avery, we actually used some of your scripts as a reference point as well with using chpst as a way to execute a service inside a group:user setting. However we still have a long ways to go with stabilizing the services. Thank you for hosting them.

Currently, sshd and winbindd just will not operate regardless of what is used or done. sshd complains the log service is not working and the service is down. Winbindd won't even start even if nmbd and smbd are both started as well. We even have issues getting kdm to login, unless it is working but auto-reloads itself. Rsyncd doesn't work either.

I'm still wanting to push for a RC2 release by December but at the rate scripts are still not working this may not happen, and I still have a lot of other scripts to get working as well.

If anyone could get a checkout of the svn at the runit-for-lfs project page and see where we're going wrong, it would greatly help.

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