Re: Transition to supervision-scripts

From: Colin Booth <>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2014 12:31:57 -0800

> Currently, sshd and winbindd just will not operate regardless of what is used or done. sshd complains the log service is not working and the service is down. Winbindd won't even start even if nmbd and smbd are both started as well. We even have issues getting kdm to login, unless it is working but auto-reloads itself. Rsyncd doesn't work either.
Not sure about winbindd or rsyncd but the problem with sshd is that
you need a reader for /dev/log. I'm pretty sure this isn't
configurable without rebuilding openssh. The easiest is to run a
supervised copy of rsyslog since it'll handle all the syslog logging
channels correctly, plus enough other programs are going to expect a
reader on the /dev/log socket that it's going to end up a requirement.
Presumably you could also bypass this requirement by creating a fifo
in some chroot directory (say /chroots/sshd/dev/log) and then running
sshd funny chrooted with a reader (svlogd for example) using that file
as input. It might fail depending on how sshd writes to the log socket

I've been running xdm under supervision as my display manager for over
a year, so my guess is that kdm is missing some supports.
> I'm still wanting to push for a RC2 release by December but at the rate scripts are still not working this may not happen, and I still have a lot of other scripts to get working as well.
> If anyone could get a checkout of the svn at the runit-for-lfs project page and see where we're going wrong, it would greatly help.
> Thanks.
> Jim

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