Re: Transition to supervision-scripts

From: Avery Payne <>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2014 12:00:23 -0800

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 8:05 PM, James Powell <> wrote:

> Current the runit-for-lfs project has been studying how to get better
> control of some of the scripts we use also. Our project is still mostly
> incomplete with several services still unable to function. Avery, we
> actually used some of your scripts as a reference point as well with using
> chpst as a way to execute a service inside a group:user setting. However we
> still have a long ways to go with stabilizing the services. Thank you for
> hosting them.

Anytime. One of the goals of the project is to increase adoption of the
djb process supervision model through accessibility. I've done 3 personal
installs of runit, and the sore point is the lack of pre-built scripts.
Doing it once is a good learning experience, doing it three times is just a
needless chore.

I'm still in the process of getting a build of s6 going, mostly because I'm
still getting my head wrapped around the /package directory concept, and
getting the builds to play nice with it.

> Currently, sshd and winbindd just will not operate regardless of what is
> used or done. sshd complains the log service is not working and the service
> is down. Winbindd won't even start even if nmbd and smbd are both started
> as well. We even have issues getting kdm to login, unless it is working but
> auto-reloads itself. Rsyncd doesn't work either.

Some thoughts:

sshd is confirmed as working using the template system from the project.
So this implies it's something about the difference in environment (which
makes sense, they're two different installs). I have to wonder if there is
some implied state that isn't being declared and causing it to fail, but I
won't know until I look. For all I know, it could be something as simple
as PATH not being set to something it needs.

winbind is confirmed as working although I don't use it at the moment. You
should be able to start it without smbd or nmbd. I do recall that it was

kdm I don't have experience with, yet. If I get ambitious I'll haul it out
and try to crank out a script for kdm this weekend. X display managers are
a tough one, the modern ones have lots of little moving parts that have to
be there. The old ones (wdm, xdm) don't give a care and usually come right

rsyncd: also on the to-do list in the project. I'll give it some attention.

> I'm still wanting to push for a RC2 release by December but at the rate
> scripts are still not working this may not happen, and I still have a lot
> of other scripts to get working as well.

If you can get me a list of services you're putting emphasis into, it would
help me prioritize some of the 1,000+ services I have to write ;-)

> If anyone could get a checkout of the svn at the runit-for-lfs project
> page and see where we're going
> wrong, it would greatly help.

I won't get time today or this evening, but I'll try to carve out a little
time this weekend and look at what's going on.

> Thanks.
> Jim
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